Little Flowers Stitch Marker Set

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"These are like knitting jewelry!!! I want a complicated knitted project so I can put these lovely pieces all around the project. Thanks for the quality and great customer service."

- Carrol Jordan

Set of 8 stitch markers (2 each in blue, teal, pink, and clear) in your choice of size and style

1) Choose:
Small – up to US size 4 (3.5mm)
Medium – up to US size 8 (5mm)
Large – up to US 10.5 (6.5mm)
XL – up to US 15 (10mm)

2) Choose 
Closed loop Infinity Ring
Removable Melody Ring

Size: Small (up to US 4)
Loop Style: Infinity - Solid Ring Style
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Lifetime Guarantee

We will replace or repair any broken stitch markers or row counters free of charge.

Handmade With Love

Our stitch markers and row counters are proudly handmade by our team just for you.

Some markers may seem nice online but disappoint when used on needles.

Let's face it, not all stitch markers are created equal.

Maybe they're a little too heavy or the loop has a nasty habit of catching on finer yarns.
Maybe the pretty charm that you loved so much likes to tangle with your working yarn every time you purl.
Maybe the ring is so big on your tiny needles that you feel like you're swimming (or you can never find one BIG enough for those chunky knits you love).

The Infinity Ring

Hands down, my absolute favorite stitch markers on the planet. Due to their unique shape, these little beauties are the perfect stitch markers for everyday knitting.

A unique tear drop shape

It gives just a little bit more wiggle room than traditional round loops and lets each marker glide from needle to needle like butter (Seriously, you won’t believe how lovely that is).


All ends are safely tucked into the decorative bead so there is absolutely nothing to snag on even your most delicate fine yarns.


The little bead hugs close to your needles, making them just substantial enough to feel as you knit but unobtrusive enough that there is nothing to tangle in your yarn or your stitches.

The Melody Ring

Our Knit Club favorite, and the perfect stitch markers for knitting and crochet alike!

Hand made removable 'clip'

Use it as a stitch marker on your needles, clipped to your work for crochet, clipped to individual stitches in your knitting to mark rows or pattern elements, or even use it as an extra clip on your row counter.

Safe for lifelines

Accidentally ran your lifeline through your stitch markers? No problem, just 'pop' the lifeline out of the clip and you're good to go.

Just enough dangle bling

I know we crave a little bit of dangle bling. Who doesn't?! These little markers give you just enough dangle, without getting in your way.

Snag free as always

Each marker is hand made for you with all sharp edges filed and wire ends tucked securely into beads for a glorious, smooth, snag free finish.

Every set customized just for you!

We know that not all knitters are alike, and not all projects are alike. We want you to have the PERFECT set of stitch markers just for you and your projects. Not some one size fit’s all (but really fit’s none) solution.


up to US size 4 (3.5mm)


Up to US size 8 (5mm)


Up to US 10.5 (6.5mm)

Extra Large

Up to US 15 (10mm)

They fit every need

Are you a sock fanatic?

Great! Grab some size small stitch markers and go to town without all the extra bulk of ‘one size fit’s all’ markers.

Can never find markers for those GIANT chunky knits?

We’ve got you covered! Grab your favorite markers in size XL for all your chunky delight. Big knits deserve pretty tools too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Super cute!


These stitch markers are even prettier in person. So happy I purchased these.

Beth Jinkerson
Perfection for patterning and jewelry for my work

I loved my first set so much that I had to order a second one, because I rarely have only one project going. When something is both useful and pretty, that makes it perfect pairing. I often smile just seeing how pretty it is, and it makes me show off my knitting to my friends just so they can see these lovely stitch markers.


These removable stitch markers are secure yet easy to remove, and so charming!

Katha Carter
Little Flower Stitch Markers

I love these cute markers. They slip along so easily & all the spring colors just make me happy. They are great for marking pattern repeats when I am making a shawl with 400+ stitches.

Crafted with Love

We are proud of the fact that every row counter and stitch marker in our shop is made, assembled, and packaged locally by our team. 

That means that there is a real person that has lovingly made your tools, packed them carefully, and sent them in happy white packages to your door.

It also means that for every tool you enjoy, you are helping support all of our families – ensuring that mamas can work from home with their babies, and build our own US economy.

Lifetime Guarantee

Each of our tools are hand made to last for years and years of happy knitting and breakage is not common.
But if something does go wrong with your new tool, rest assured that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our Twice Sheared Sheep products. 

Please send a photo to our lovely customer service team at of your damaged item and we’ll be happy to send a replacement free of charge. 


For more information, please check our full FAQ page. If you have additional questions you can contact us from here.