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Limited Edition - Pumpkin Crochet Stitch Marker

(verified owner)

A perfect pumpkin stitch marker which deserves it's very own pumpkin storage tin. I am a big fan of pumpkins and these will be cherished.

Honey Bee Stitch Marker Storage Tin

(verified owner)

I have the small tin to hold stitch markers. Dawn recently had the larger one pictured holding the bamboo knitting needle gauge ruler thingy, and the bamboo design small snip scissors. Of course I had to buy them all and those two items DO fit perfectly inside this tin. She knew what she was doing when she did that. I'm glad she did because I love having them handy to use. Thanks, Dawn!

Bug Friends Odd / Even Knitting Row Counter Set

(verified owner)

I thought one set would be enough. NOPE. I just ordered 3 some sets.

Tea / Coffee Cup Knitting Row Counter

(verified owner)

I have tried several ways to count rows but I really love this. Having the counter right on the needle and not having to touch it is so convenient. It is well made and is so cute. I love the little coffee cup. I also ordered the bunny because I usually have two projects going at one time. Thank you.