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Row Counter Starter Set - Silver Animals

I've had this set nearly two years and find it invaluable. It makes tracking rows very easy, and the set means I have the proper size for whatever project I'm knitting. I knit with a lot of fuzzy, specialty yarns which could catch on any sharp edges, but these counters are so well-made that they don't cause a problem. I design many of my projects. I just use the row counter and then add a stitch marker every ten rows to keep track. Then I can write down the pattern at the end. Thanks for making such a quality product. I tell all my knitting friends about these row counters.

Surprise Goodie Bag

(verified owner)

I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew whatever I received would be beautiful and sure enough, it was perfect! It was the perfect last minute “treat myself” gift. The stitch markers and row counter are beautiful!!!!! I can’t wait to use them and I can’t wait to pick up another mystery goodie bag when I need a pick me up! Thank you for leaving me with a huge smile!

tiny bamboo thread snips

Thread Snips - Bronze Bamboo Tiny Scissors

(verified owner)

Be still my heart -- the teeny tiny bamboo scissors with perfect finger holes are absolutely fabulous.

Honey Bee Stitch Marker Storage Tin

(verified owner)

I have the small tin to hold stitch markers. Dawn recently had the larger one pictured holding the bamboo knitting needle gauge ruler thingy, and the bamboo design small snip scissors. Of course I had to buy them all and those two items DO fit perfectly inside this tin. She knew what she was doing when she did that. I'm glad she did because I love having them handy to use. Thanks, Dawn!