Knit Extension Cords - Stitch Holder Cords

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"The “Knit Extension Cords–Stitch Holder Cords” are genius. I am currently making a sweater for my grandson and have used the cords several times to “block as I go” to be sure the gauge remains correct. The cord stays securely on the knitting needles and it’s easy to slide the stitches from the needle onto the cord."

- Julie

Now available in single size packs!

All Size Bundle:
– 1 Light Blue – Small (up to US 4) - 60" length
– 1 Teal – Medium (up to US 8) - 60" length
– 1 Purple – Large (up to US 15) - 60" length
- 1 Free Storage tin

(Sizes are suggestions. Your perfect will depend on how pointy the tips of your needles are)

Single Size Packs include (in your choice of size)
- One 60" cord & Two 30" cords 

Style: All Size Bundle (with storage tin)
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You’ve got a few options…

Ever tried on a sweater in progress?

Slide your stitches onto the LONGEST circular needle you own and hope it is long enough so you don’t lose your stitches.

Combine multiple cords together into a franken cord and hope they hold.

Take a needle and waste yarn and slip every single stitch off the needle and onto the yarn

But we have a better idea...

Try our new Knitting Extension Cords!

Slide the tip of these hollow tube cords onto the tip of your needle and you’ve instantly got a cord extension. The slightly stretchy silicone material grips the needles tightly, preventing it from accidentally slipping off (even if it’s only on the very tip).

Then simply slide as many stitches onto your extension cord as you need to be able to try on your work, then slide them back when you’re ready to knit again.

Try them on a work in progress

Use as a stitch holder for live stitches

Spread out your knitting for instagram worthy photos

Spread out your knitting to accurately check gauge

Set of Three 60″ cords sized to fit your needles perfectly

Light Blue – Small (up to US 4)

Teal – Medium (up to US 8)

Purple – Large (up to US 15)

Seamless Control: Knitting Extension Cords!

Tired of the hassle when trying on a sweater in progress? Say goodbye to those cumbersome methods! Enter Knitting Extension Cords—the ultimate solution for your knitting woes. These innovative cords transform your needles instantly by sliding onto the tips, providing an extended cord length. Crafted from a slightly stretchy silicone material, they securely grip the needles, eliminating the risk of accidental slips, even when placed at the needle's tip.

Customer Reviews

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Sheri Lanik

Knit Extension Cords - Stitch Holder Cords

Catherine Kurowski
Knit extension cords saved me HOURS!

I received the knit extension cords in my 1st advent box. I thought “meh” and figured I would probably never use them. But wait! I over knitted and had to rip out around 600 stitches on a hoodie I was making. I saw hacks presented by TSS during the happy knitting summit and I thought “okay, I’ll give the extension cords a try”, followed the instructions that were given and was able to rip out 6 rows in minutes, instead of having to frog for hours! Oh my! What a difference they made! I am now a believer and will gladly use them when this happens again — because I know it will!

Extension cords

They are great


I like the there are three different sizes and three different colors in a cute little box.


Exactly as described. Should work wonders. Strong plastic smell that will hopefully air out.

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