Magic No Gauge Socks

Beginner Friendly Socks – No Math Involved!

  • Any Yarn
  • Any Gauge
  • Any Foot
  • Just Perfectly Sized Socks
  • Difficulty – Novice Knitter
  • Photo & Video Stitch Guides To Help You Along

Pattern Details


Any Size!

Try on as you go for perfect socks or use our included average size guides


24″ or 36″ circular needle for Magic Loop knitting
(or 2 circulars if you prefer) 

Choose a needle size at least 2 sizes smaller than what is listed on your ball band


Any yarn will do!
(200 – 600 yards depending on foot size and yarn thickness)

For the best socks, we recommend wool or wool blends. Anything listed as “Sock Yarn” works well. 

For Squishy Slipper Socks or Boot Socks We Recommend:
Twice Sheared Sheep Everyday Merino


Skills Needed For Magic Socks

Knit Stitch

Purl Stitch

Kfb - Knit Front Back

Magic Cast On

Magic Loop Knitting

Wrap & Turn

Picking Up Wraps For Reverse Shaping (Knit Side)

Picking Up Wraps For Reverse Shaping (Purl Side)

Full Heel Turn - Part 1

Full Heel Turn - Part 2 - Reverse Shaping

Meet the designer

Dawn Prickett

Dawn loves to design patterns that are simple, fun, and help to expand the skillsets of knitters.

She believes that trying new things shouldn't be scary and has developed a whole line of knitting tools to help knitters keep their place so they can stress less and knit more!

You can find her tools and her patterns on her website

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