Speed Blockers - Knit & Crochet Blocking Comb Kit

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"Since discovering this website, I think I have a subliminal requirement to purchase every single item Dawn has to offer, including all the new products she comes up with. Each tool is extremely useful, terribly cute, wonderful to handle, and high quality. Plus, Dawn herself is a real gem."

- Noreen Balaam

Everything you need for your next blocking session in one handy tin!

  • 12 pieces - 8 pin combs (7cm long)
  • 10 pieces - 4 pin combs (3.5cm long)
  • 50 pieces - T-pins
  • 1 piece - 60" measuring tape
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Lifetime Guarantee

We will replace or repair any broken stitch markers or row counters free of charge.

Handmade With Love

Our stitch markers and row counters are proudly handmade by our team just for you.

How It Works


Thouroughly wet or gently steam your finished project


Lay your project out flat on a squishy surface that the pins can stick into such as a blocking mat, carpeted floor, or bed


Smooth the project so that the stitches are even and the project meets your desired dimensions


Use the Speed Blockers and T-pins in your kit to secure the edges of the project to the surface.
This will help your project retain it's shape so that it doesn't shrink as it dries.

How To Use:


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Why Block Your Projects?

Even Out Hand Knit Stitches

We're not robots and hand knit stitches naturally vary as we knit day after day.
Blocking does wonders to make those stitches look smooth and uniform

Help The Fabric Lay Smoothly

Naturally edges curl, sections pucker, and let's face it weird things happen!
Blocking helps all the stitchs settle comfortably into their new shape as a stitch (and not just yarn) letting the fabric drape beautifully in a finished garment.

Gently Stretch Or Shrink a Size

Blocking can work magic, even gently stretch a piece that is a little too small, or slightly compress something that may be a touch too big.

And oh the lace!
Blocking is the key to beautiful lace!

Lifetime Guarantee

Each of our tools are hand made to last for years and years of happy knitting and breakage is not common.
But if something does go wrong with your new tool, rest assured that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our Twice Sheared Sheep products. 

Please send a photo to our lovely customer service team at Support@twiceshearedsheep.com of your damaged item and we’ll be happy to send a replacement free of charge. 

Customer Reviews

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I own the name brand blockers and love them. I decided to add these to my collection since I could use more and these were quite a bit less expensive. While not as pretty (these are all white), these are the same high quality as the other blocking pins I use. I would recommend them!


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