Shortie Bamboo Cable Needles For Knitting

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"I love cable needles and have so many different styles – I’m always looking for the perfect one. Now I’ve found it. The size is just perfect- it does the job but is happy to move out of the way. The little grooves hold the yarn in place- no slipping. Three sizes – so glad I ordered two sets so I can always find one. Thanks so much- I’m over the moon!"

- Maureen

Pack of 3: 3mm (US 2.5), 4mm (US 6), 6mm (US 10)

8cm (3 1/8") long
5 "soft grooves" in the center of each needle keep stitches in place

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I’ve been on a quest for the perfect cable needle for a while, and we finally made it!

Made from smooth natural bamboo, these little ‘shortie’ needles are just what the doctor ordered for easy, pain free cable knitting.


Fits inside our large slider storage tins

Size 8cm (3 1/8″)

It's just long enough to hold all your stitches, but short enough not to get in your way (and stab you) while knitting


5 “soft grooves” on each needle keep stitches securely in place, but don’t catch and hold your stitches hostage, allowing you to decide when you would like them ready to knit, not a whim of fate

Natural Bamboo

The material allows just a touch of ‘drag’ to keep needles in place and  stitches from accidentally jumping ship


The straight needle design means there’s no fiddling or turning, just transfer and knit

Available in a pack of 3 popular sizes for all your cabling needs:

3mm (US 2.5)

4mm (US 6)

6mm (US 10)

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Good item

Very helpful and easy to use

Laura Busce
Work well

This set of shortie bamboo cable needles holds the cable stitches very well. I'm getting used to the short size. The ridges are great at keeping the yarn on the needle until ready for release, and they slip off fine when needed. I recommend them.

Patti Chambers
Neater results

As someone who taught myself how to cable without a cable needle I love these. I rec’d them in the Holly Beanie kit I thought I would not need these. I tried them out and I really like them. I don’t stretch my stitches out like I do without a needle. The fact they are straight instead of the old fashioned hook type PLUS the small grooves make for less fiddling

Bamboo Cable Needles

I immediately but these cable needles to work. They are great! The grooves in the middle hold your stitches but don't snag and the ends of the needles are smooth enough your stitch slides off the needle well. Highly recommend!

Valerie Loescher

I’ve never used a cable needle like this before and it’s absolutely a joy to work with! Holds the yarn perfectly in place!

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