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The perfect custom numbered stitch markers for every knitter!
Get it how YOU want for YOUR knitting


By overwhelming popular demand, we are proud to offer our ever popular number stitch markers for knitters in a massive 10 marker set!
(those of you who have been begging for 9 & 0 here you go! You now get all the numbers!)

Whether you prefer simple silver wire, or eye catching rainbow, you’ll always know exactly where you are in your pattern with these perfect little number stitch markers.

As always, your number stitch markers are perfectly customized to fit YOUR needles and YOUR knitting style. We hand make each set when you order so that your markers are as unique as you are!

Make it your own by choosing:
1) Loop color (silver or rainbow)
2) Loop Size (Small, Medium, Large, or XL)
3) Loop style (Infinity, or Melody)

Fairy Lights Infinity Ring Stitch MarkersInfinity Ring – Hands down, my absolute favorite stitch markers on the planet.
Due to their unique shape, these little beauties are the perfect stitch markers for everyday knitting.

  • The unique tear drop shape gives just a little bit more wiggle room than traditional round loops and lets each marker glide from needle to needle like butter (Seriously, you won’t believe how lovely that is).
  • All ends are safely tucked into the decorative bead so there is absolutely nothing to snag on even your most delicate fine yarns.
  • The little bead hugs close to your needles, making them just substantial enough to feel easily as you knit (so you don’t just blow past it) but unobtrusive enough that there is nothing to tangle in your yarn or your stitches.

Melody Ring – Our Knit Club favorite, and the perfect stitch markers for knitting and crochet alike!

  • Hand made removable ‘clip’ type loop for the ultimate in versatility.
    Use it as a stitch marker on your needles, clipped to your work for crochet, clipped to individual stitches in your knitting to mark rows or pattern elements, or even use it as an extra clip on your row counter. These markers can do it all.
  • Safe for lifelines – Accidentally ran your lifeline through your stitch markers? No problem, just ‘pop’ the lifeline out of the clip and you’re good to go.
  • Just enough dangle bling. I know we crave a little bit of dangle bling. Who doesn’t?! These little markers give you just enough dangle, without getting in your way.
  • Snag free as always. Each marker is hand made for you with all sharp edges filed and wire ends tucked securely into beads for a glorious, smooth, snag free finish.

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Small (up to 4), Medium (up to 8), Large (up to 10.5), XL (up to 15)


Melody – Removable Style, Infinity – Solid Ring Style

8 reviews for Number Stitch Markers

  1. ocath (verified owner)

    I can wait to start a project to use the number stitch markers!

  2. jennsfiberarts (verified owner)

    These will be extremely helpful marking stitch repeats, counting out decreases/increases, and counting stitches on a large cast on project by placing a marker every 10 stitches or so.

  3. Marcel Emigh (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with these numbered stitch markers. Just what I’ve been looking for!

  4. Cathy (verified owner)

    Just love these, the way made they don’t get hooked on the Yarn

  5. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Simple, but elegant. Can’t wait to use these in my next project!

  6. katherine.fischer (verified owner)

    You know the patterns that say, “Place marker #4”? These are just perfect. In fact, I like their shiny smoothness so much I’ll even be using them when counting is not called for. Oh, and bonus, the numeral is printed on each side of the bead so no twisting them around when I’m in the middle of an intricate pattern. TSS thinks of everything!

  7. Maureen DesMarais

    Absolutely LOVE these. I got both the rainbow set and the silver set! They are beautiful and meet my need to count my stitches. I use one set for the back stitches on a sweater and the other for the front stitches. Hmmm, I need more colors so that I can do sleeves!!

  8. Sue Alfred (verified owner)

    These are fantastic! I’ve bought 3 sets!

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