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What is Empowered Knitting?

We want you to have more time actually knitting.

Not recounting your rows or re-reading your stitches.

We want you to be able to knit with while watching TV or chatting with your friends without worrying that you'll have to rip it all ou when you're done.

We want you to know exactly where you are in your pattern whether it's been 5 minutes or 5 years since you've last picked up your project.

We want you to be able to knit the project you've been DREAMING of without fear.

THAT'S empowered knitting.
And we've got tools to help.

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Why the internet RAVES about our row counters...

Hands Free Counting!

No need to take your hands off your needles to click a clicker or make a tally. Just use your needle tip to move the chain to the next number and keep on knitting!

You can't forget to mark it!

Because our row counters act as a stitch marker, they must physically be moved from needle to needle each round.
This means it's impossible to forget to mark that row!

Always an accurate count (even months later)!

No more accidential bumps or misplaced clickers.
Our counters will keep the correct count securely on your needles every time.
Even if your project hibernates in your bag for 6 months.

No re-counting or frogging over and over

Know exactly where you are at a glance.
That means no recounting every row because you can't tell,
and no frogging because you knit the wrong row (again).

What Other Kitters Have To Say

Carrol Jordan

You CAN'T forget!

I fell in love with the concept long before I ordered. I was never consistent with any method of counting. This is IN the row. You can't forget. I ordered one finally and love it. Thank you for great craftsmanship and a great concept!

Linda Dossett

Major Improvement Over Click Counters

Just found these, have to say, they work great! I keep up with my rows, it is like an abacus for knitting. I have not tried this with my crochet yet. Major improvement over click counters.

Wendi Blanken

I Was Forever Forgetting To Click My Standard Counter

I LOVE this cute row counter! I am forever forgetting to click my standard row counters so this solution is brilliant! So easy to use and well made. I was a little worried about yarn snags but it has not been an issue at all! The wire loops and joins are perfectly smooth!

Joan Phelps

I Can Just Knit And Not Try To Remember Which Row I'm On

I put mine to use right away as I am knitting a pair of socks with a 10 row rib 2x2 the knit 2 rows and start all over but offset. I had a terrible time counting 10 rows even when I would mark each row on paper. With this row marker I can just knit and not try to remember which row I am on. At my age memory is not always reliable.

Carla McDavis

Much More Reliable Than My Memory

This little guy is the cutest!! I am addicted to these row counters. I find them much more reliable than my memory to click the clicker! I recommend trying one and you'll love it too!

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Our Story

The story of Twice Sheared Sheep is kind of a story about us, but it’s also kind of a story about you.

You see, Twice Sheared Sheep was born as a way to bring a little more joy to a craft that we both love. It was a grand mission to put a smile on every knitter’s face, and to help them feel that flutter of excitement deep in their chest each time they pick up their needles.

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