Tangerine Axolotl - Chain Row Counter

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"Over the moon with this little counter! I can never remember to click a standard counter but with this one you have to move it to continue knitting - keeps me from wondering if I’m on the right row or not. Love it!"

- Carrol Jordan

The perfect row counter so you can just knit.

  • No stopping to pick up a pen and make a hash mark
  • No forgetting to click the clicker
  • No searching for a lost Post-It
  • No unlocking your phone every row
  • No digging through your bag for your missing counter
  • No re-counting or frogging over and over
  • No more second guessing
  • Just knit
Row Counter Style: Original (straight) Chain
Size: XL (up to US 15 needle / N hook)
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Lifetime Guarantee

We will replace or repair any broken stitch markers or row counters free of charge.

Handmade With Love

Our stitch markers and row counters are proudly handmade by our team just for you.

We want you to get...

More Uninterrupted Knitting Time

No need to take your hands off your needles to pick up a pen, click a clicker, or unlock your phone for the 400th time.

Just Knit

More Confidence In Your Skills

Know exactly where you are in your pattern whether it's been 5 minutes since you picked up your needles...

Or 5 years

More Finished Projects

Spend less time re-counting and frogging and more time actually knitting.

Gain the motivation to actually FINISH that second sleeve and finally get to wear your beautiful creation.

How It Works


Replace any regular stitch marker with your row counter and knit


When you come back to the row counter move it to the next number in the chain as you pass it from needle to needle


Once you have completed the chain (or completed a pattern repeat), move the melody clip to the next number to mark 10 rows completed (or 1 pattern repeat completed)


Keep On Knitting! 

The Perfect Side Kick So You Can Just Knit

  • No stopping to pick up a pen and make a hash mark
  • No forgetting to click the clicker
  • No searching for a lost Post-It
  • No unlocking your phone every row
  • No digging through your bag for your missing counter
  • No re-counting or frogging over and over
  • No more second guessing
  • Just knit

Hands Free Counting

No need to take your hands off your needles to click a clicker or make a tally. Just use your needle tip to move the chain to the next number and keep on knitting!

Never Forget Again

Because our row counters act as a stitch marker, they must physically be moved from needle to needle each round.
This means it's impossible to forget to mark that row!

Always Reliable

No more accidential bumps or misplaced clickers.
Our counters will keep the correct count securely on your needles every time.
Even if your project hibernates in your bag for 6 months.

Why our row counters are loved by thousands

Our row counters have become a beloved part of our customers' knitting routines. The simple and effective way they work into your knitting process and remove the need to tirelessly track, is what makes them a keeper. The joy our knitters get in the details, from the smooth joinery to the adorable charms, keeps them as a favorite. They're more than just a product—they're a cherished part of each knitter's story. Beyond that, every purchase supports our local artisans and their families, directly contributing to the community's well-being.

What our customers say

Carrol Jordan

You CAN'T Forget

I fell in love with the concept long before I ordered. I was never consistent with any method of counting. This is IN the row. You can't forget. I ordered one finally and love it. Thank you for great craftsmanship and a great concept!

Linda Dossett

Major Improvement Over Click Counters

Just found these, have to say, they work great! I keep up with my rows, it is like an abacus for knitting. I have not tried this with my crochet yet. Major improvement over click counters.

Wendi Blanken

I Was Forever Forgetting To Click My Standard Counter

I LOVE this cute row counter! I am forever forgetting to click my standard row counters so this solution is brilliant! So easy to use and well made. I was a little worried about yarn snags but it has not been an issue at all! The wire loops and joins are perfectly smooth!

Jennifer Lathrop

Easier Than Using An App On My Phone

I LOVE this row counter. When it arrived, I put it on a current project—a hat using fingering-weight yearn. I have found it far easier to keep track of my rows than using an app on my phone (which either drains the battery or required me to unlock my phone each row) or the heavy Clover-twist counter (I may or may not sometimes forget to increase rows as I finish them with the Clover counter). As I finish up a row, I just slip to the next number. So far, no forgetting to increase rows. And unlike any other markers I use with lightweight yarn, there are no not-quite-closed joins for fine yarn to slip into. It's taking me a little while to get used to using this format for row tracking but I LOVE it. 

Mary McCain

Replaced My Pen & Paper Notes

I ordered these rows counters and am so glad I did! I wasn't sure if I could really replace my pen and paper notes to help me remember where I am but these markers do just that. I use them all the time and I love how thin they are. What a great system to keep me organized. I now order all of my markers from Twice Sheared Sheep. They are cute, pretty and most of all very useful!! Bit by bit I'm replacing all the many markers I have with Twice Sheared Sheep markers. You can feel the joy and love that goes into each product!!!

Laura Blum

Now I Never Get Lost

I bought this recently and I love it. I was always forgetting to make a hash mark when I completed a round in my pattern. Now, I never get lost. The little hedgehog is adorable. I like it so much a just ordered another one, because, of course, I have another pattern I need to start before Christmas that needs rows counted.

Lorna Bisson

No More Unknitting & Starting Over

Newish to knitting so really didn't know what a stitch or row counter was. But a couple years ago I bought yarn in Iceland so wanted to finally make something. The pattern was more complicated than I was used to and I kept having to unknit and start over. Then I saw the ad to the Twice Sheared Sheep Row Counter and I knew it was for me. Love, love, love it! I was quickly able to get on with...and finish my project. Easy to use. I highly recommend Twice Sheared Sheep Row Counter. Plus the cute little charms and crystals on the end make it all the more special.

Carla McDavis

Much More Reliable Than My Memory

This little guy is the cutest!! I am addicted to these row counters. I find them much more reliable than my memory to click the clicker! I recommend trying one and you'll love it too!

Joan Phelps

I Can Just Knit And Not Try To Remember Which Row I'm On

I put mine to use right away as I am knitting a pair of socks with a 10 row rib 2x2 the knit 2 rows and start all over but offset. I had a terrible time counting 10 rows even when I would mark each row on paper. With this row marker I can just knit and not try to remember which row I am on. At my age memory is not always reliable.

Paige Ward

It's So Easy To Pick Up Where I Left Off

I absolutely love this chain row counter! If I have to walk away from my knitting, when I come back to it a quick look at the counter tells me exactly where I am. I added a stitch marker on a melody clip to show that I'm working on section 3 of the pattern, the empty melody clip on the 1 to show that I've completed one repeat of that section and on the needles is the 2 to show that I'm on row 2. It's so easy to pick up where you leave off. And the little silver fox is adorable.

Katie Faulk

The Only Row Counter That I Can't Forget To Increase

These are the best way to keep track of knitting rows. I used one of mine to keep track of a complicated lace blanket. It is the only row counter that I cannot forget to increase. I want one for every project!

Ivy Spray

Better Than Sliced Bread

I wasn’t sure if this tool would work for me, but it is better than sliced bread! I love it! I am planning to start another project and need size 11 needles so l just ordered a XL Hedgehog!! Can’t wait for this to come!

Shirley Swoope

It's A No Brainer!

These row counters are not only a fabulous way of counting rows with little to no thinking, but they're beautifully made. My mind goes in too many directions to every be successful with the regular row counters, but there knitting up to the marker and moving it is a no brainer. THANK YOU!

Lifetime Guarantee

Each of our tools are hand made to last for years and years of happy knitting and breakage is not common.
But if something does go wrong with your new tool, rest assured that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our Twice Sheared Sheep products. 

Please send a photo to our lovely customer service team at Support@twiceshearedsheep.com of your damaged item and we’ll be happy to send a replacement free of charge. 

Customer Reviews

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They are great to use in my knit projects to keep track of my rows

Crafted with Love

We are proud of the fact that every row counter and stitch marker in our shop is made, assembled, and packaged locally by our team. 

That means that there is a real person that has lovingly made your tools, packed them carefully, and sent them in happy white packages to your door.

It also means that for every tool you enjoy, you are helping support all of our families – ensuring that mamas can work from home with their babies, and build our own US economy.


For more information, please check our full FAQ page. If you have additional questions you can contact us from here.