Sock Week 2024 Exclusive - Camping Love Increase Decrease Counter Set

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"Since discovering this website, I think I have a subliminal requirement to purchase every single item Dawn has to offer, including all the new products she comes up with. Each tool is extremely useful, terribly cute, wonderful to handle, and high quality. Plus, Dawn herself is a real gem."

- Noreen Balaam

There's no better place for sock knitting than around a cozy campfire with friends. 
These Increase / Decrease counters will keep your sock toes on track while you chat away so that you never have to wonder "Wait... Am I on the increase row or the knit row?!"
Move the counter to the next loop in the chain every round. If it says K - knit this round. If it says I - increase this round (or D- decrease this round).

Available only in size small (up to US 4 - 3.5mm) just right for socks

  • Specialty designed for patterns that increase or decrease every other row
  • Just 2 rows of loops so you don't have a long chain hanging down in your way
  • Intentionally mismatched marker pairs so you can always tell at a glance whether you're increasing or decreasing
Size: Small (up to US 4 needle / E hook)
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Maggie Fangmann
Absolutely amazing!

The increase and decrease markers are so great to mindlessly keep track of my increase rows on my gusset and decrease rows on my toes! Highly recommend! And the design is so cute!

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