Twelve Projects is a crafting challenge for knitters and crocheters brought to you by Twice Sheared Sheep to help you reconnect with your creative spirit and grow in skills and confidence.

Each month of the year, we challenge you to complete at least ONE project in your chosen craft. 
That’s it, just one project each calendar month and you complete the challenge.

Pick any project you want. 
Choose projects that inspire you, that challenge your skills, and that bring joy to your life.
* Try a new technique
* Try a new designer
* Use that yarn you have always WANTED to use

It is YOUR year, and YOUR twelve projects. We know you’re going to make it GREAT!  

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Download the free Project planner so you can keep track of your year. There’s a place for each project, so you can document your yarn, the pattern name, and what needles you used as well as what you loved about it. What you’d do differently, and what you learned.


Need some accountability to stay on track?
Want to see what others are doing for their Twelve Projects?
Just want to join in on the discussion and all the fun?

Join the Twelve Projects Facebook Community.
*Share your projects and see what others are up to
*Get help if you are struggling with a new technique
*Get inspired and maybe find a new favorite designer or yarn along the way!