Pattern Resources

See an instruction that you don’t understand?
Need to see someone demonstrate with their actual hands?
We’ve got you covered!

Cast Ons & Bind Offs

Long Tail Cast On

Magic Cast On

Basic Bind Off

3 Needle Bind Off

Basic Stitches

Knit Stitch

Purl Stitch

Special Techniques

Making a Bobble

Bonus Knitting Hack – Making a Bobble without Purling!

Making a Bobble without Purling – The Thrower version

Magic Loop Knitting

I recommend trying magic loop due to the small number of stitches in many of our pieces. You can always use double pointed needles instead, but if you’re feeling frisky, give it a whirl!

Triple Wrap –

Wrap and Turn (W&T for Short Rows)

Finishing Techniques

Kitchner Stitch

Stitching Up Holes

If your knitting wasn’t perfect and you ended up with a few little holes where things joined together, we can help!