Sock Sizing Ruler - Sock Knitting Bracelet Ruler

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"Where have you been all my (sock knitting)life! This is such a step up from all previous rulers Easy to use, easy to carry either as a wristband or in a project bag Love this.!"

- Pat B

Always knit the correct sock size, no matter who the recipient is.

  • Works for both top down or toe up socks
  • Place the ruler with the arrow snug into the heel (or toe) of your sock and knit until you reach the line for your desired size
  • Then begin working your toe (or your heel)
  • Accounts for a 2″ heel or toe
  • No math
  • Just knit!
Color: Petal Pink
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Always knit the correct sock size, no matter who the recipient is.

No Math

Just knit until you reach your size

Knit For Everyone

No need to measure feet. All you need is your loved one’s shoe size!

Top Down – or Toe Up

Your choice! Knit your socks your way. We’ll take care of the measurements.

How to use:

  1. Place the ruler with the arrow snug into the heel (or toe) of your sock in progress
  2. Knit until you reach the line for your desired shoe size
  3. Begin your toe decreases (or begin your heel)

Effortless knitting with sock rulers!

Achieve the perfect sock size every time, regardless of who the lucky recipient may be! Say goodbye to sizing woes with our versatile sock rulers designed for both top-down and toe-up socks. Simply position the ruler snugly against the heel or toe of your sock, knit until you reach the designated line for your desired size, and seamlessly start working your toe or heel.

Customer Reviews

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Game changer

I love knitting socks but have struggled with guessing how long to knit the foot when they’re for someone else, so have mostly knit for myself and then if they’re a bit too big they go to my sister in law, and if they’re a bit too small, they go to my mom.

NO MORE! I knit socks for the first time for two different members of my family and they fit perfectly on the first try.

I knit cuff-down socks. When I use this sock ruler bracelet, I get to the heel flap and gusset, and once I get what I think is halfway through the foot, I start measuring every few rows. I pull it a bit tight but not over-stretching it — about the same as I would like to see when it gets on the foot — and then knit until the line of my size, then start the toe decreases. It’s worked both times so far, and I’ll continue to use it for that purpose.

Great tool, highly recommend for a sock knitter in your life.

Shawna Palella
Sock bracelet ruler

Love it! My husband and I travel a lot, this will fit into my travel bag nicely! I am ready for the next road trip with this sock knitting bracelet ruler.

Gerri Evans
Sock ruler

Being new to knitting socks, I find the sock ruler extremely helpful on getting the sizing right.

Barb Hay
exactly what it is

now I can knit socks without having to guess if they will fit


This is handy. I don’t have to search for my ruler.

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