Sheep & Llama Odd / Even Knitting Row Counter Set


These little pint sized counters are designed especially for flat knitting so that you can always move your counter at the beginning of your row 😘

To use:

  1. Place 1 counter at each end of your knitting (between 2 stitches,  just after your edging).
  2. Knit as normal.
  3. When starting a new row, move the counter to the next number in the chain as you pass it from needle to needle. When ending a row, pass the counter from needle to needle on the same number.
  4. To determine which row you are on, simply look for the highest numbered loop on a needle and that is the row.
  5. To count more than 10 rows, use the attached melody clip to mark the “tens” place, the number of times you have worked through the chains, or the number of pattern repeats you have completed.
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Sheep & Llama Odd / Even Knitting Row Counter Set
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