Rosewood Knitting Needles – 14″ straights


Gorgeous dark Rosewood straight knitting needles to add a little luxury to your next project.

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Beautiful tools make happy knitters.
It is a fact.

These beautiful rosewood knitting needles will add a little decadence to your next knitting project.

Wooden needles are warm in the hand and just a little flex, making them them more comfortable for many tighter knitters and an over all joy to use. The smooth wood also provides a little extra ‘grip’ over metal needles making them perfect for slippery yarns.

Lacis Rosewood Single Point Knitting Needles
14″ straight needles
Available from Twice Sheared Sheep in sizes 4 – 8

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4 (3.5mm), 5 (3.75mm), 6 (4mm), 7 (4.5mm), 8 (5mm)


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