Mermaid & Turtle Knit Increase Decrease Marker Set



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Never forget to increase or decrease again!
Use these little mini-counters in place of normal stitch markers and just knit away. If the counter says K, then knit. If it says I then increase, or if it says D then decrease.
Never fear of blowing through that increase ever again!


I have become an absolutely devoted fan of our chain row counters for years, but sometimes there’s a project where a full sized counter just feels like overkill.

Maybe it’s a simple garter stitch shawl that just has an increase at one end every other row.
I think “Oh, certainly with 20 years of knitting experience I can handle this” but still blow through that increase more times than not.
Then I have to go back and closely look at my knitting and scratch my head. 
Did I increase last row? 
Am I SURE I increased?

Or maybe it’s decreasing for the toe of a sock. 
I get into a rhythm and just knit along and before I know it I’ve knit 2 rounds without decreasing and have to unpick it YET AGAIN because I wasn’t paying attention.

Or  maybe it’s some lovely waste shaping for a sweater and my counter is busily keeping track of the rows but by the time I get over to the decrease dart I have totally forgotten that I was supposed to do something there as well…

Our little 2 row Increase / Decrease counter sets are perfect for just such occasions!
Just place one on your needles just before your increase or decrease line and knit away. If the marker says K, then knit the stitch. If it says I, increase. If it says D, decrease. Simple as that.

  • Specialty designed for patterns that increase or decrease every other row
  • Just 2 rows of loops so you don’t have a long chain hanging down in your way
  • Intentionally mismatched marker pairs so you can always tell at a glance whether you’re increasing or decreasing

And as always, these little counters are available in your choice of size, so they fit your needles and your project like a glove ❤ 

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Small (up to US 4 needle / E hook), Medium (up to US 8 needle / H hook), Large (up to US 10.5 needle / K hook), XL (up to US 15 needle / N hook)


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