Knitter's Advent Calendar 2021

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When we say knitter’s advent calendar, we’re not talking about one of those flimsy little chocolate advent calendars. You know, the ones that you rip open the little door to get a tiny little piece of remarkably crappy chocolate?
(true story, I got one of those last year and gave it to my kids after eating 1 piece. It was that bad).
Our knitter’s advent calendar is so stuffed to the brim with gorgeously luxurious knitting things that you’ll swear Santa read your mind.

Whether you open one box each day as instructed, open them all at once (we won’t judge), or decide to tuck the whole thing under the tree for a single GIANT gift on Christmas morning, we know this Christmas is going to be the best one you’ve had in years!

25 day calendars will contain at least $350 worth of wonderful knitting goodies and NEVER before seen row counters and exclusive goodies ONLY found in the Advent Calendar.

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Announcing pre-orders for the 2021 Knitter’s Advent Calendar by Twice Sheared Sheep!

This year’s 25 day theme: “Little Luxuries”

Let’s be honest.
When was the last time you were TRULY excited for Christmas?
Like you can’t sleep the night before, run down the stairs at the crack of dawn, can’t wait to rip the paper off, excited?

I’m betting it’s been a while.
This is one of the sad realities of being an adult. But this ends this year!

I want you to have that giddy in your tummy, sugar rush feeling ALL through the Christmas season this year, and I’m going to give it to you on a silver platter.

That’s why I designed the Twice Sheared Sheep Knitter’s Advent Calendar.
Every day you’ll have a new surprise gift to open.
Something that is SURE to put a smile on your face.

Whether you open one box each day as instructed, open them all at once (we won’t judge), or decide to tuck the whole thing under the tree for a single GIANT gift on Christmas morning, we know this Christmas is going to be the best one you’ve had in years!

So, what’s in the box exactly?

We can’t tell you that. It would spoil the surprise!
You don’t ask Santa what he got you before you open the present right?
This is what we CAN tell you, though, without totally spoiling that giddy Christmas morning feeling is this:

25 day calendars will contain at least $350 worth of wonderful knitting goodies and NEVER before seen row counters and exclusive goodies ONLY found in the Advent Calendar.

Row counters, stitch markers, patterns, extra surprises? They’re all up for grabs. But you know we ALWAYS over deliver, so it’s going to be AMAZING.

But does the box contain YARN?

Our advent box is very different from most other knitting boxes out there. It is not a ‘mystery’ project type of box where you receive a little skein of yarn each day and a pattern to knit all of them up into.

Since we are a knitting supplies company, not a yarn company, the focus of this box is on prepping your knitting bag with the fun extras that you need to knit a project rather than providing you a project to knit.

In previous years, we have not included ANY yarn in the box.

This year, though, we are anticipating including 2 small mini-skeins of yarn from other small businesses and a pattern or 2 to use to make micro sized projects.

There is a lot of pressure to knit already during the Holiday season and we don’t want to add to that by creating a box where you feel obligated to ‘keep up’ each day with a mystery knit along. So our box is only full of fun gifts where you have zero obligation to do anything other than admire and enjoy 🥰

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54 reviews for Knitter’s Advent Calendar 2021

  1. Marcy (verified owner)

    This is my second Twice Sheared Sheep Knitting Advent box. Last year I jumped ahead and loved the items in it. This year I am open one a day and look forward to each day package. So far on day 12 everything is so nice and enjoyable. The box is well worth it. Enjoying every days package.

  2. Jody (verified owner)

    To many white dot stitch markers, with ABC or 1, 2 3… and a terrible acrylic sock. These were disappointing. Some things were nice

    • nairtseuqe

      Jody, I’m so sorry you were disappointed in your box. We really appreciate the feedback.
      The chain row counters are a signature tool for our shop and our 2021 Advent Box included a full set of chain counters (one in each size we offer)! It also included a new shortie chain (for smaller pattern repeats) and an odd / even set for flat knitting. Our goal was really to deck out your knitting bag with everything you needed to knit any project, no matter the yarn or needle size.
      If you’re new to us and aren’t familiar with our chain counters or have never used one before, please give them a try! I know that you’ll quickly see why so many knitters around the world rave about how indispensable they are. There are some great videos on how to use them for both knitting and crochet on this page here:

  3. Julie (verified owner)

    This was my favorite advent of this year….and I spoiled myself with a few:). Beautiful tools, particular the scissors, which is a work of art. Happy new year and I’ll be signing up again for next year’s advent.


    Bought this for my wife and did not really know what to expect. She absolutely loved it.

    The quality of the items in the calendar made it a real treat each day. She was always excited to see what was in the box. She loved the project with pattern and yarn ( mohair of course )

    This got me far more brownie points than I expected

  5. Delores (verified owner)

    This is my first Advent Calendar and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I don’t know how you got the project bag or the skeins of yarn in the small boxes but what a pleasant surprise with each box. I liked each day and will look forward to the next.

  6. Lorie J Nierman (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved every item in the boxes. It was so much fun each day. All the items were things I needed so that was a plus! Will do it again!

  7. Charlotte W. (verified owner)

    I fell in love with the row counters over the summer. The additional row counters and stitch markers will be useful and are well made. I was happy with everything that was in the advent box and even happy with the advent box.

  8. Cea (verified owner)

    This was first advent ever and I thought it was great! I did have to ask friends to explain the row counters. I’m saving all the little boxes to put together an advent for my husband next year!

    • nairtseuqe

      I think this is the most wonderful idea ever!

  9. Stephanie

    This was my first advent (and first product) from Twice Sheared Sheep. The scissors are really beautiful and I am loving the row counters. So useful for knitting in the round. I probably could have done with a tin or two less, but would definitely consider this again.

  10. Peggy Appleton (verified owner)

    I think you included a wonderful assortment of knitting goodies. This was my first advent order and I thoroughly enjoyed opening them all. Yes there are somethings I’ll enjoy more than others but I am very pleased. Thanks for putting it together ❤️

  11. Sandy Ruffino (verified owner)

    2021 Advent BoX
    This was the first advent box I have ever signed up for and I truly did not know what to expect or if I would be disappointed. I squealed with delight on day 1 when I got the bag. And on Day 2 through Day 25. I was so sure that I wouldn’t get a pair of wonderful scissors so image how excited I was. Everything was wonderful and I’m definitely planning on the box this year, By the way, I needed a box to hold my embroidery project and was excited with the lovely box I received for my gifts. I have to confess I ordered another box from a knit shop and was so disappointed with then items they chose in the plain cardboard mailing box and and little envelopes to hold their items. So I appreciated your wonderful box all the more! Thank you!

  12. Karen (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved it! It was such an amazing presentation and Every item was unique, useful, and excellent quality. I look forward to 2022’s box and hope there will be another beautiful bag and maybe even a magnifying ruler !

  13. Diane W Holdgate (verified owner)

    This is my first Advent box and I loved it. Everything was just so much fun. I love my little boxes and my chain counters and everything that came in it. The project bag I think was my most favorite thing. Just perfect. I will definitely get another one next year!

  14. Stacie L Hite (verified owner)

    I loved the 2021 Advent Box! I filled my entire wish list–a complete set of all sizes of row counters/markers, a shortie counter, and a K-I / K-D set. I was very impressed that there were only 2 ‘lighter’ days (the candy and the socks–I loved the candy and the socks will be regifted {that’s ok}). I really would have expected more “filler” but am so glad there wasn’t. Thanks!

  15. Cathy B. (verified owner)

    Like the others (above or below) I didn’t know what to expect with my first Advent Calendar. I had lots of time to imagine because I saved it as my big Christmas Gift. And I LOVED it. I use the row counters all the time so getting such a variety of the pretties will be a continuing gift through the year. And the unique items – the scissors, tape measure — they are beautiful. I openly admit that the thing that keeps me knitting through the dry spells or exhaustion is my love for pretty knitting do-dads. And Twice Sheared Sheep has a wonderful selection of them. I will absolutely get the Advent Calendar again next year (and the year after!) LOVE IT.

  16. Marlene (verified owner)

    This Advent Box was a true delight – beautifully and professionally done. Dawn’s love for what she does showed in every aspect of it! I highly recommend Dawn’s business – Quality in the highest degree!! <3

  17. Kristina Nelson (verified owner)

    This is/was a magnificent Advent box. I had 4 this year for different things, but this was the BEST. Great idea to have the bag be day 1 so I could protect all my other treats. I love your row counters and stitch markers, so I really was spoiled. I loved everything about this box.

  18. Cynthia Gergel (verified owner)

    I have loved everything I’ve ordered from TSS and the 2021 Advent Box was no exception! Dawn and her crew really put together a splendid collection of surprises. Like others, I couldn’t believe that bag was stuffed into such a small box! I especially enjoyed the shortie row counter (kitties are my spirit animal) and the scissors are gorgeous. Even the salted caramels were a wonderful treat. I’m planning to order next year’s Advent box, too!

  19. Heather Baldwin (verified owner)

    I had such fun opening each day! I was thrilled with the great zipper bag to hold all the small things needed for my projects. The tins and varied row counters and markers can’t be beat! I couldn’t wait to see what was in the little box each morning. The scissors are beautiful.
    The day I opened the candy was a little disappointing, as was the pattern. The yarn was okay, but hard to figure out a good project for it as the balls aren’t very big and the colors are a bit drab. I was glad to see the info so I can maybe order more. The socks may go to a grandchild. I tried wearing them but they weren’t very comfortable. They are cute though!
    I realize every day can’t be a high priced item. Have you ever thought of selling tiny labels for the tins? It is hard to remember which tin has which row counter/stitch marker etc. and which size. Small peel and stick markers would be a huge help. You could sell them as a sheet of all the items you sell or include one label with each item.
    I love your products and the advent calendar was fantastic! I can’t wait to order next year’s!! You are doing a great job. When one of my row counters broke, you fixed it in no time at no charge. Thank you for excellent products, excellent service, and a very fun count down to Christmas! You’re the best! :o)

    • nairtseuqe

      Thanks so much Heather! We will definitely see if we can add sticker labels to the shop in the future!

  20. Denise Jorgensen (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the Advent Calendar box. It contained several items that I’ve wanted, and the final item, the scissors, are wonderful. What was the most fun was that a few days ago my husband told me that he misses the excitement of seeing what fun little goodie would be next.

  21. Eileen (verified owner)

    This was my first Advent box and first order from your site and am so happy with everything! Thank you for putting in such care in the packaging and a lot of beautiful thoughts in the contents . While I encountered some snags with my project bag, you promptly addressed and fixed the issue. Thank you! So glad I have this for my knitting kit.

  22. Vicki Perrien (verified owner)

    I loved the Advent Box. This is the first time, I bought one from you. I really love the row counters. I saw them advertised on Facebook and thought they seem complicated and I didn’t need them. Boy! Was I wrong. I have been using them continually on my knitting projects. I was a little confused in the beginning, wondering why there were so many counters in the box, but then I realized it was the complete set. I was thrilled. They are so easy to use. The scissors are nice and sharp. The markers are pretty and work well. It was fun opening a little box every morning. The little project bag was pretty. Thank you for a fun Christmas activity.

  23. Jane (verified owner)

    I was a bit disappointed and feel it was over priced. The row counters, stitch markers, scissors and project bag were lovely! The yarn, socks, and so many tins were underwhelming to say the least. Those items made the box over priced.

    • nairtseuqe

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m so sorry that you were disappointed, but your honest feedback is so helpful so that we can make next year’s box even better!

  24. Sara (verified owner)

    I enjoyed each and every day of this Advent Calendar immensely! The items chosen were lovely and useful.

  25. Kim Lynch (verified owner)

    The box arrived beautifully and thoughtfully packaged and presented. I wanted to love this box and I have to say I was disappointed. For the price I wanted to be delighted. I expected to get row counters and stitch markers with the cute pendants, but the counters and stitch markers all looked similar. It made the box feel repetitive. I also felt candy should have just been included with the lovely packaging, but it shouldn’t have been one of the day’s boxes. It was unclear if the yarn was supposed to go with the pattern. My favorite item was the beautiful flamingo scissors with the pink sheath. I also enjoyed the large project bag. socks (although they are cheaply made), yarn, and tape measure. Overall the box contained a decent assortment of goodies, but I expected more variety and higher quality for the price.

    • nairtseuqe

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m so sorry that you were disappointed, but your honest feedback is so helpful so that we can make next year’s box even better!

  26. Kathy (verified owner)

    As with so many others, this was my first Advent box. I waited until Christmas morning to open each box (my dear, sweet husband is a bit challenged when it comes to giving gifts.) I loved it! Some things surprised me, others were cute but disappointing. I love the tins. I already owned one. But I would have loved the larger size. I was able to gift one of the row counters (I already had 2 and don’t usually have 3 or 4 projects going at the same time) and a set of stitch markers to my granddaughter’s mom who is a relatively new knitter. My favorite stitch markers are hand made fused glass ones I picked up in a small shop in Juneau, Alaska. When I saw the socks, I sighed. The donate bag, I thought. But, one night, when my feet were so cold I grabbed them and I was surprised to find they were just perfect! They are staying!! And I’m looking forward to using the shortie row counter… Hoping there is enough yarn to knit a hat for my 6 year old granddaughter… I’ll explore that later on. All in all, I was very pleased. I guess I wish I was earlier in my knitting life when I needed so many of these tools! And, oh, those caramels? They were delicious and I ended up ordering them for my neighbor, a stressed out healthcare worker who loves caramels. Thank you, Dawn, for curating such an interesting box!

  27. Gaia (verified owner)

    I loved the standard row counters from last year’s box, so I ordered again expecting to have a few spares to share with friends. However, this year’s box had more variety, including the newest additions to the row counter line-up. Oh, and I loved having a little manageable hat project to knit–with exactly the right amount of yarn to fit my large noggin. I’m already saving again for next year!

  28. Alice (verified owner)

    I had never ordered one of these before, and enjoyed having a little surprise each day to look forward to. The packaging was awesome, and the sizes of the boxes added to the mystery of what was inside…. I’m still getting used to the counters. I had to watch a tutorial video to see how they work. It may be time to teach old old dog new tricks! I figured out what the increase/decrease markers were for, but I still don’t understand the pair that have odd/even numbers on them. Like many other reviewers, I found the scissors to be a hit, and the tote bag to be an impressive first item. The tape measure is lovely. I’m not sure if I would order another one next year, because there were so many nice things in this set. I’m not sure what you could add!

  29. Carol Minix (verified owner)

    Even before I opened anything I thought the box itself was wonderful with all the different sized boxes fitted together. I got stitch counters that I never knew I needed but will definitely use. I like that sizes for all needles are included, and packaged so cutely. My favorite? The elephant tin! If I was disappointed in anything it’s that I didn’t get one of the larger sliding top tins.

  30. Carol

    I thoroughly enjoyed opening a box each day during December. Each box was pretty much what I had expected, and hoped for, plus some surprises thrown in for good measure. The one thing I would have liked to have seen a bit different would be the colors on the stitch markers. I really like the ones we received, but it would have been fun to have each set a different color so they would be easily distinguishable. The scissors were a fun surprise Christmas morning. The socks and yarn haven’t really been checked out since I’m still trying to get settled after a major move. But I am looking forward to getting everything organized and begin using all the new tools we received. I’m using the smallest stitch markers now and have been for a couple weeks now and they work great. It was a good box overall.

  31. Kathleen Myers (verified owner)

    I so enjoyed opening a box every morning. My favorite was on day one with the pouch. I use it every day. I wish there weren’t as many tins though. My least favorite was the yarn. I know I’ll never use it. But everything else was welcomed and I just couldn’t wait to get up each morning for my next surprise.

  32. Joyce Iverson (verified owner)

    At 84, I had never had an advent box, so treated myself with this one this year. My 3 year old grandson kept wanting me to open my “present” so Gramma bought him his own lego box, so we could do it together. I think I was as excited about it as he was, we did it every day together.It was so much fun, I think there were only 2 that wasn’t as much fun for me, one was the two pieces of candy in one, they were good tasting, just not my fav, and the other, though cute were the sox as I never wear socks. I have polenty of the little boxes and when I realized I was getting the different sizes of chains, I labeled the boxes with an S, M, L & XL, so could keep the sizes separated, and they all fit into the pocket on the very well made bag. I just finished a 6 month job, Syncopated Brioche wrap, so now I can get back to my regular knitting and can actually use the counters I couldn’t use too much on the Brioche. Whether I’d buy it again, not sure, as I feel I have all I need at this time of my life. But really enjoyed this box this year. Wanted to thank you, but couldn’t find where, so glad to comment today. Thank you for a delightful fun Christmas gift to myself.

  33. Tyson (verified owner)

    I had hoped for cuter charms on the row counters and stitch markers, they were pretty samey
    The socks made a nice regift

  34. Katie (verified owner)

    I loved this box. I’m new to Twice Sheared Sheep, so I don’t have a lot of their products. I do now! I think my favorite part was the bag in the first box. It’s a super nice bag and it was handy to put all the other things in. The quality and quantity of the items did not disappoint. Well worth the money!

  35. Kim (verified owner)

    This was my first Advent Box and will NOT be my last. I absolutely loved it. I already owned 2 of the tins but I can always use more (larger size is welcomed too although box size may limit that idea) and can gift one or two as well – so will not go unused. I have used the bag for a “carry my project” back and forth – it is awesome and super cute, love it!! The scissors are perfect – everything was great, I will be doing this again. Thank you!!

  36. Barbara Albritton (verified owner)

    The packaging on this Advent was by far and away h the best of any Advent box I received (10). The bag was a great size, but I would not have led with that – it made the rest of the box anticlimactic. I agree with the reviewers who pointed out the sameness of the stitch markers (I don’t like this style, either) and though the row counters were apparently different sizes that was not clear and while I realize these are your stock in trade I find them fiddly and have never been able to use them successfully even after watching the video. Despite the different sizes, there were way too many. Tins are always handy, but these seemed chintzy and the pictures were not cute. A variety of sizes would have been better. I doubt I will order this again as I don’t need any more row counters.

  37. M.+McClain (verified owner)

    This was my first Advent Box. My favorite was day one. Pretty amazing you got that beautiful project bag in a small box. I started using it right away – I love it!! I like the tins but I have a hard time opening them. Tins with a slide top could solve that issue for me. I love Dawn’s shop and have ordered so many row counters and stitch markers. That being said, some items were a bit repetitive but I still love them. I was disappointed on two of the days -the candy and the pre-made socks. I really liked the squishy balls of yarn. I started knitting with the dusty blue/gray (love the color) that I had the perfect pattern for. I made a headband that would go over my ears for warmth and with this yarn it wouldn’t be itchy. I couldn’t believe what I came across with that one little ball of yarn – in the headband I dealt with 7 knots!!! and I mean knots to the point I had to cut and restart. Lots of end to weave in for that little project. I sure hope I was the only one with such a crummy ball of yarn. It seemed like it was pieced together with scraps to make the yardage. I’m hesitant to start another out of the foam green color. That was a frustrating project but I don’t blame TSS for what I received. There was no way of them knowing. What I’d like to see in the 2022 box would be Right and Wrong side markers, larger tins or at least tins with a slide top and no fillers such as candy or socks. This was fun anticipating the opening of each new day and I’ll probably order again.

  38. Rosan (Ro) Swan (verified owner)

    This was my very first Advent box and on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it an 8. Since I have the patience of a two year old, I tore into it after 2 days and the only thing I was dissatisfied with was the yarn. There was not nearly enough of it. I have started a next year’s. Advent Box $$$ collection so that I can be among the first to order mine this year. Thank you for putting together such a great box of treats.

  39. reginadituto5 (verified owner)

    I love my Advent box. Opening a box every day leading up to Christmas was a morning ritual for me. In fact I was wishing we could have advent boxes for every month. There is something so wonderful about getting a little treasure every day. I loved that Day 1 was the beautiful bag where all of the marvelous little surprises could be stashed once discovered. This box was a gift to myself after a very hard 6 months and turned out to be some of the best self care I have ever given myself. I am already looking forward to the 2022 Advent Box- I can’t imagine my holidays next year without it.

  40. Pam Jennings (verified owner)

    This was a great idea and lots of fun. I opened a box daily and like a child I wanted to “cheat” and open more than one! I enjoyed all of the gifts and will be using them throughout this next year. Not sure if I can afford it again for next year, but will be making that decision closer to time. It is nice to be able to have something just for you, when you are shopping for everyone else.

  41. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I loved this box and the beautiful handmade supplies. My kids and I made a ritual of opening our advent calendars every morning, and it quite simply made my Christmas. I am so thrilled to have a complete TSS set of row counters and stitch markers, including some smaller chains, and I LOVE the gorgeous, simple jewel-toned charms. The brain pin, and the floral pattern on the bag are not my cup of tea, but the bag is good quality and the perfect size for a sock or hat project.

    Funny story about the socks: my best friend bought me an identical pair for Christmas and delivered them early, but my daughter (age 7) fell in love with them and I let her take them. When I pulled out the Day 16 box, squishy but too small to be yarn, imagine my delight when a new pair for me appeared! They are not robust socks, but they are whimsical and cozy.

    Thank you TSS for curating a unique and fun advent box, giving me the gift of quality time with my children, and lovely handmade tools for my knitting. Keep up the good work!

  42. Betsy (verified owner)

    Loved it! Can’t wait for next year’s!

  43. Sharon (verified owner)

    Fun box to receive. The bag, scissors, and tape measure are very useful. The tins are hard to open. Also, I think a plastic see through type of container would be helpful to see what stitch markers are inside. Maybe one with multiple compartments. That might be hard to fit into an advent box, though. I myself liked the caramels and the socks. Maybe a couple of pairs of scissors would be nice for multiple knitting bags. Overall I’m very happy I did this!! It was fun to open a box each day!!!!

  44. Carol (verified owner)

    For various reasons, my huz was unable to go xmas shopping this year, so I told him I would buy a surprise for myself, and this advent calendar was it. I opened all the cunning little boxes xmas eve, when we usually open them and I so enjoyed all the little luxuries there–tools I wouldn’t buy for myself but have long lusted after. I’ve put several of the chain row counters to work on projects already, love the scissors, and the various little treats, including the fuzzy socks and candies. I imagine the sturdy red outer box will find some use as well. Overall an Aplus.

  45. Amy Thompson (verified owner)

    I love Advent calendars and try new ones each year. I’ve only been knitting a few years and love the TSS products.
    This year I treated myself to the Advent calendar. What a great gift and worth the price.
    I loved every item. The scissors, row markers, and bag are my favorites.
    I am not sure if I will order one next year because, how could it get better?
    No, I’ll definitely order another next year. I looked forward to everyday and I’m already looking forward to next year’s box.

  46. Amanda (verified owner)

    Had been looking at the row counters and was having trouble picking a set and then I saw the advent calendar and figured that was a good way to get a full set plus some other goodies. I loved it! Opened it day by day which was a fun lead up to the holiday. Didn’t love the socks, but they’re fun and I’m sure I’ll use them. LOVED the yarn choice, I will be buying some full skeins. I already knit the hat pattern with it and it’s just so lovely to knit with and my stitches look so good! The counters did not disappoint. They are exactly what I’ve been looking for and I loved the extra counter types, especially the increase and decrease ones.

    Not a complaint, just a thought. As much as I loved the box, I’m not sure I would do one next year because I don’t need another set. I wouldn’t say well you need to do boxes because that’s a lot to ask and the counters are your specialty, but it just doesn’t necessarily lend itself to repeat purchases. (Open to being wrong on that.) I’ll still point knitting/crochet friends your way because I’m sure they’ll appreciate the counters as much as I do.

  47. Lorri (verified owner)

    My first advent box with Twice Sheared Sheep! I somehow managed to restrain myself and opened it as a big present on Christmas Day. Day 1, with the beautiful floral bag was like a fireworks kickoff to the calendar and that was lovely. As with many of other reviews, the tins, the style of stitch markers, and the row counters felt a little too uniform and I was just a bit disappointed that there was not more uniqueness, variety of style. Other items on the website have so much adorable detail such as the kitty head(I also ordered these), and honeycomb stitch markers. I also love the kawaii charms and row counters, and I think I had it in my mind that the items in the box would be more along that style, but perhaps a special advent calendar edition. My favorites in the calendar are the butterfly charm increase and decrease counters on Day 18, and the Day 6 row counter with the kitty. They are detailed and have a little more of the whimsical feeling I was hoping to have in entire calendar. I am very happy to have a full set of row counters! The crystal teardrops on end are elegant. The little tins are very nice. My favorite is the sunflower and the robin. I would have really loved to have some Christmas themed stitch markers, tins, row counters. Thank you for the lovely presentation of the box and all little boxes inside. It has a very luxurious, classic look. I really like how the items came in the organza bags! That is so nice. I look forward to putting the beautiful scissors to use and I hope they’ll last me a long time. Thank you.

  48. Karla Hailer

    My first advent box and it was SOOOOOO WORTH IT! The bag on day 1 really set the tone and has been the perfect size for small projects. At first, I wasn’t in love with the row counters (why so many?) until I realized it was ALL the sizes! So having a tin for each size was perfect in the end, even if it did take me a few to figure it out. I think I would have preferred a “what is your usual size” or “what yarns do you work with” type of questions because I tend to work with large and extra-large needles when I knit and alpacas/natural fibers. I did realize the smaller sizes will be nice when I am doing crochet work. I appreciate the pattern, but I am fussy about my patterns and it’s not a hat I would normally make. On the other hand, my principal got excited when she saw it, so I gave it to her. Overall, it was a box full of joy, and every morning, I looked forward to sitting down and opening up the next box with my coffee. I know that last box with fancy scissors had me over the moon. Overall, I am already thinking about next year’s box. 🙂

  49. Katie O (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVED this advent calendar! It was gorgeously packaged and so much fun to open each little box every day, it definitely gave me a wonderful little thing to look forward to. I wear the cute cat paw socks all the time, am in absolute love with all my stitch markers, and am so excited to use the row counters – they’re incredible. The pouch is everything and I might have a few more tins than I know what to do with, but it’s been kind of fun to sort all my stitch markers. And, of course, the scissors! They’re absolutely lovely and have been in daily craft rotation since the day I opened the box. Such a delightful box and I’m already looking forward to next year.

  50. Sheri (verified owner)

    This was the first advent box I have ordered. I waited and opened everything together on Christmas day. Your advent calendar was awesome. I enjoyed opening each one and discovering what new treasures I would have to add to my knitting essentials. I have been wanting the row counters and now I have 5 different ones. The stitch markers and the tins are a great addition, too! Love everything. Thank you for putting it all together!

  51. Sheila Williams (verified owner)

    As my first advent box from Twice Sheared Sheep and the first advent I ordered that wasn’t all yarn, I was extremely pleased! Once I realized what the numbered stitch markers were for and how to use them, I was thrilled. All the items will help me be better organized, have more supplies for more project bags, and give me ideas for fellow knitter gifts! My only concern is how different would this year’s box be? Although I would love to order it again, if it was the same or similar to last year’s box, I would give most of it away which is nice but disappointing.

  52. Abigail (verified owner)

    I actually think this is worth 4.5 stars. First off, the box and packaging were absolutely the most luxurious and beautiful things ever. I’m keeping the empties for some advent related craft next year. I found the quality of most of the items was excellent, and I was happy to get a full range of row counters and stitch markers, as I have been wanting some for a while. That said, as someone who tries not to overload myself on excess supplies I’m glad I didn’t already own an abundance of markers and such. This worked beautifully as a starter kit for my knitting notions. The fuzzy socks were fun, but seemed an odd choice to include in something that’s geared toward handmaking things, and I get it that not everyone is going to knit themselves socks, they just seemed weird to include. I got two 2oz cakes of merino wool that are nice and soft, though the colors don’t really compliment each other. I liked the addition of a pattern, that was a fun choice. I would have loved a code to redeem digitally on a designers website instead, as the printed page is just a piece of paper that is easily ripped or lost. Overall I adored the box; it was a real treat to myself but there are a few things that could have been tweaked to really put it over the top.

  53. Carolyn Trumble (verified owner)

    This was my very first Advent Calendar . . . ever . . . I loved the box and the little boxes inside. It was different than I expected. I had a different expectation of the notions that may have been included. Explore the website and you will better appreciate the total gifted package.
    I opened one a day, but next year I just may just pick random days or just open them all at once.
    I loved the notions bag, I am a poppies fan. It was nice to have a beautiful bag to keep all the notions together as I opened the boxes.

  54. Dany (verified owner)

    While being pricey, if you can afford to shell out, you get your money’s worth! This is not your average advent box, and the tools are very useful. The salted caramels this year were a nice touch.

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