Little Flowers Stitch Marker Starter Set

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Make sure you ALWAYS have the perfect stitch markers on hand for any project!
* Color coded so you always know which size you are grabbing
* All 4 sizes in our most popular styles
* Choose Removable Melody style or Smooth closed loop Infinity style


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Take your garden wherever you go with this beautiful flower stitch marker set.
They’re so pretty, they may even give your yarn a run for it’s money ?

Just starting out?
Not sure which size you need?
Want a discount on ALL the markers?
We’ve got you covered!

With the stitch marker starter set, you’ll get one set of 6 stitch markers in each of the 4 sizes Twice Sheared Sheep offers (small, medium, large, and XL) so that you always have the perfect size stitch marker for the job plus a storage tin to keep them all safe.

We have conveniently color coded each size for you so that it’s always easy to tell which markers will fit which needles. Just grab and go!

4 sets of 6 stitch markers + storage tin
Small (up to US size 4) in clear glass flowers
Medium (up to US size 8) in pink glass flowers
Large (up to US size 10.5) in teal glass flowers
XL (up to US size 15) in blue glass flowers

Choose Removable Melody style or Smooth closed loop Infinity style

Additional information

Loop Style

Melody, Infinity

3 reviews for Little Flowers Stitch Marker Starter Set

  1. Georgia (verified owner)

    I love these m markers , thank you so much ,I got the whole set so now I am ready for any size needle YAY !! and very prompt delivery also , !!

  2. dscheffner (verified owner)

    These stitch markers are BEAUTIFUL! My current project does not need stitch markers (socks) but I put a flower marker on each needle just to enjoy how pretty they are. Thank you for offering so many high quality products to purchase.

  3. robertdunger (verified owner)

    Just received these in the mail. They are gorgeous. Now I need matching earrings and a necklace. 🙂 Okay maybe just a matching row counter. Just love them. Looking forward to placing another order soon! Thank you.

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