Fantasy Row Counter Starter Set

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Fairy Row Counter for Knitting - Small (up to US 4 needle / E hook) -

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Pegasus Row Counter for Knitting - Medium (up to US 8 needle / H hook) -

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Dragon Knitting Row Counter - Large (up to US 10.5 needle / K hook) -

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Griffin Knitting Row Counter - XL (up to US 15 needle / N hook) -

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Let out your inner teenager and embrace all the winged fantasy creatures!
Fairy – Pegasus – Dragon – &  Griffin

Make sure you ALWAYS have the perfect row counter on hand for any project!
* A different color for each size so you always know which one you’re grabbing
* All 4 sizes of our indispensable tool


Live your best mermaid life!
We’ve collected all of the shimmery mermaid scale row counters together for you in one place so you will always so you can always be a mermaid wherever you go.

Your Knitting starter set Includes:
Small (up to US size 4) – Fairy
Medium (up to US size 8) – Pegasus
Large (up to US size 10.5) – Dragon
XL (up to US size 15) – Griffin

Always have the right size counter right at your finger tips, no matter where your knitting takes you.
Just starting out?
Not sure which size you need?
Want a discount on ALL the sizes?
We’ve got you covered!

Every row counter comes ready to go with an attached melody clip for counting more than 10 rows

Size Chart


  • Fits Knitting Needles up to US 4 (3.5 mm)
  • Fits Crochet Hooks up to E (3.5 mm) 


  • Fits Knitting Needles up to US 8 (5 mm)
  • Fits Crochet Hooks up to H (5 mm)


  • Fits Knitting Needles up to US 10.5 (6.5mm)
  • Fits Crochet Hooks up to K (6.5 mm)


  • Fits Knitting Needles up to US 15 (10 mm)
  • Fits Crochet Hooks up to N (10 mm)

How to use for knitting

How to use for crochet

1 review for Fantasy Row Counter Starter Set

  1. Marsha Fleming

    The starter kits is wonderful to get if you don’t have a row counter yet. However, you’ll want more since you need one for counting rows, plus one for increases, decrease, and many more things. Use them in conjunction with melody clips to clip them to your work and the melody clip that came with it to count.

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