Crystal Row Counter Starter Set


Our most luxurious row counter set yet!

Make sure you ALWAYS have the perfect crystal row counter on hand for any project!
* A different charm for each size so you always know which one you’re grabbing
* All 4 sizes of our indispensable tool
* Save over purchasing row counters individually


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As requested, our best selling luxury crystal row counters are now available in a starter set!
You get one crystal row counter in each of the 4 sizes Twice Sheared Sheep offers (small, medium, large, and XL) so that you always have the perfect sparkly tool for the job plus a storage tin to keep them all safe.

Small (up to US size 4) – Northern Star Swarovski crystal (white)
Medium (up to US size 8) – Frozen Glacier Swarovski crystal (blue)
Large (up to US size 10.5) – Northern Lights Swarovski crystal (purple)
XL (up to US size 15) – Heart of the Jungle Swarovski crystal (green)
+ Storage Tin

Just starting out?
Not sure which size you need?
Want a discount on ALL the sizes?
We’ve got you covered!

How to use your row counter for knitting

How to use your row counter for crochet


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