Whale Buddy & Puffer Fish D

A free knitting class packed with all the instructional videos you need to knit a whole ocean of knitted friends using the Ocean Buddies patterns.

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Magic Loop Knitting

While all animals can be knit using double pointed needles, I recommend trying magic loop due to the small number of stitches in some pieces.

Making a Bobble

Use these to make flippers and feet on your new sea friends

Three Needle Combine

Use this to close up the body and prepare to knit the tail of your fish, dolphins, sharks, or whales

Picking Up Vertical Stitches

Use this to add fins and flippers to your ocean friends

Making a Divided Tail

Make a pretty split tail for your dolphin and narwhal

Magic Cast On

Use this to seamlessly begin your new hammerhead shark friend

Three Needle Bind Off

Use for binding off your Hammerhead’s cheeks

Wrap and Turn (W&T for Short Rows)

Use this to shape the head of the Seahorse & the Stingray

Forming a Seahorse Tail

Make the perfect curly seahorse tail the easy way.

Kitchner Stitch

Use this to finish up your adorable new stingray friend

Bonus Knitting Hack – Making a Bobble without Purling!

Making a Bobble without Purling – The Thrower version

Bonus – Stitching Up Holes

If your knitting wasn’t perfect and you ended up with a few little holes where things joined together, we can help!