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Mother’s Day 2022

We hope you feel totally spoiled!

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Let’s See What’s Inside

Bouquet Trinity Project Bag –

Designed especially for small projects by Dawn at Twice Sheared Sheep, this Trinity project bag in the Bouquet pattern is ONLY found in this Mother’s Day box.

This sturdy cotton project bag can stand on it’s own, making it the perfect traveling companion. Place it on the floor and let it act as a yarn bowl, keeping your working yarn contained. 

The main pouch can easily hold 2-3 balls of yarn + pattern and a small exterior zippered pocket keeps all your tools and accessories close at hand. 

The vegan leather bottom keeps things clean and the wrist strap lets you take your project anywhere.

Yarn Wizard Mug –

I mean, someone had to say it! 
Creating something with sticks and string is absolute magic and YOU my friend are a wizard.

Whether you prefer tea, cocoa, or wine with your yarn time, we’ve got the perfect accessory to your coffee table.

12 oz tall sipping mug for your favorite cozy beverage.
Top rack dishwasher safe

The Sheepyshire Hand Dyed Sock Yarn –

We are THRILLED to include this gorgeous skein of hand dyed yarn for you. 

Hand dyed by the amazing Tara of The Sheepyshire, this skein is dyed in one of their most popular colorways “Surprise Party” and on their most popular staple sock base.

The versatile fingering weight yarn is perfect for summer knitting! Try out a pair of socks, a scarf or a small shawl. 

Yarn stats:
460 Yards
Fingering Weight
75% Superwash wool, 25% Nylon
Hand wash recommended


Free Pattern Suggestions You Might Enjoy With Your Yarn

Crochet Patterns

Multiplicity Shawl – Esther Chandler

Wild Wheat Shawl – Johanna Lindahl

Fortune’s Shawlette – Tamara Kelly

Party Punch Shawl – Toni Lipsey

Little Fictions Shawl – Carmen Heffernan

Ultimate Crochet Socks – Dorothy Hardy

Herringbone Socks – Ashlea Konecny

Knitting Patterns

Ashton Shawlette – Dee O’Keefe

Nurmilintu Shawlette – Heidi Alander

Close To You Shawlette – Justyna Lorkowska

Silver Bias Lace Scarf – Alyssa of Undeniable Glitter

Zilver Scarf – Lisa Mutch

Hermione’s Every Day Socks – Erica Lueder

Business Casual Socks – Tanis Lavallee

Mint Tea Socks – Debbie Ford

Bouquet Notions Storage Tin –

This handy storage tin featuring an original watercolor painting by Dawn Prickett and can be found EXCLUSIVELY in the Mother’s Day box.

These large slider tins are the perfect solution to keep all your little bits and pieces safely contained. 

Use it to store your stitch markers, row counters, darning needles, or even small scissors and tuck in the accessory pocket of your project bag. 

Flower Alpaca Measuring Tape –

There’s a difference between tools that just get the job done and ones that truly make your craft a joy.

This happy alpaca measuring tape is one of them.

Made from vegan leather and printed with one of our most popular watercolor designs, you’ll not only know where you’re at in your project, but have a friend wherever you go.

Stitch Markers For All Occasions –

Whether you prefer a hook or needles, these stitch markers will work for whatever you need.

The flowers feature our unique melody clip design that is both beautiful and functional. They are light weight and easy to use one handed with their unique tension clip design. 
Place them on your needles for a removable option (like when using lifelines).
Or clip them onto any stitch anywhere on your work.

Blue Blossom Chain Row Counter –

And finally, we have our indispensable chain row counter – the one tool I absolutely can’t live without.  

Unlike clicker counters, this handy little chain sits on your project like a a stitch marker, making it nearly impossible to lose, and since you MUST move it from needle to needle each round, it means you can’t accidentally forget to advance your counter!

Replace any regular stitch marker with your new counter and instantly keep track of rows, pattern repeats, or any pattern element that you tend to forget.

Size Small – 
For Needles up to US 4 (3.5mm)
For Hooks up to US E (3.5mm)

For Knitting

Simply place it on your needles between 2 stitches like any other stitch marker. 
Each time you come to it and need to slip it from one needle to the other, just move it to the next loop in the chain to count that row.

When you have completed the chain, move the attached melody clip to the next loop in the chain to mark that 10 rows have been completed. 

For Crochet

Place the counter on your hook on the first loop. 
Crochet as normal until you reach the end of your row or round. Remove the hook from the work and replace it on the next loop in the chain. 
Use one of the clip stitch markers to attach your chain counter to your crochet project and mark your beginning of round. Every time you crochet back around to the counter, move it to the next loop in the chain.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your world!

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