Twice Sheared Sheep is proud to announce its Spring / Summer yarn line – The Cotton Collection

  • Brand new yarns
  • Brand new yarn kits
  • Perfectly paired patterns

Cotton Sport & Cotton Worsted Yarns
* Available in over 20 shades each
*Hand plied cabled yarn for a superior knitting or crocheting experience
*Not your average cotton – engineered to be soft, smooth, and have a fantastic drape
*Warm weather friendly
*100% Natural fibers
*100% Recycled
*Easy Care – Machine wash and dry!

Don’t be fooled, though, the Cotton Collection is not your average cotton yarn. Designed with light weight, summer garments in mind, Cotton Sport and Cotton Worsted are premium cotton yarns.  While many cotton yarns are stiff and hard, the Cotton Collection yarns have been engineered to be super soft and pliable, making them a joy to work with and wear.

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