We are delighted that our customers not only get recycled yarn that is good for the environment, but yarn that is absolutely stunning too.

Before I created The Twice Sheared Sheep, I had only ever knit with acrylic yarn from my local craft store. I didn’t know that there was any other way, until I was gifted a beautiful skein of wool yarn. I was astounded to realize that not all wool was scratchy. In fact, it was the most wonderful thing I had ever held in my hands! It was so soft and bouncy that I had to get more! I set out for my local craft store, only to be heartbroken by the selection. There wasn’t anything on the shelves that was even close to the beautiful skein in my hand, but there was no way I could go back to ordinary yarn again.

While searching online for what I couldn’t find locally, I ran across a tutorial on getting recycled yarn from sweaters. This was it. What a BRILLIANT idea! If I recycled yarn from sweaters, not only could I have all the beautiful, high quality yarn that I wanted, but I would be helping the environment too!

I soon discovered, though, that recycling wasn’t for the faint of heart. The first sweater I unraveled was an unmitigated disaster. It was a tedious process.  My shoulder ached for days, while the newly recycled yarn hung dripping in the bathroom looking totally disreputable. I vowed that I would never recycle another sweater. By the next week, though, I found myself with a sweater in my lap, carefully picking apart the seams. I couldn’t help it. I was hooked. I no longer looked through racks of sweaters and saw garments, I only saw beautiful recycled yarn locked in an unattractive shape just BEGGING to become something lovingly hand knit.

As I slowly got better at producing truly beautiful recycled yarn, I began to feel an overwhelming urge to share my discovery with the world. There were just so many beautiful sweaters to recycle and there was no way that I could knit it all myself. I knew that I couldn’t be the only one who couldn’t find good yarns locally, and would love the idea of knitting with recycled yarn.

The Twice Sheared Sheep began as a crazy idea. What if I could provide a kind of yarn match making service? I had all this lovely recycled yarn that really DESERVED to be hand knit and I KNEW there were knitters out there who were just as desperate as I was to find beautiful yarns. I felt totally inadequate to the task, though. I was just a young mom and a relatively new knitter. Would people really appreciate this beautiful recycled yarn as much as I did? Could I possibly capture how luscious it was through the internet? With fear in my heart, I listed my first recycled yarn for sale in June of 2006.

To my great joy, I discovered an amazing community of knitters who embraced my recycled yarn revolution with open arms.

Over a decade, and thousands of sweaters later, I continue to strive every day to insure that our yarn is the very best recycled yarn available, and that our customer’s projects will be absolutely stunning.